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Meet Your Coach, Deanna Lang

A Personal & Spiritual Growth Coach with a Christian Perspective

Deanna Lang believes, that overcoming any obstacle, finding freedom from negative influences, and healing of one's heart, mind and soul is available to everyone. That no one should have to walk their journey of healing and growth alone.  That we are all meant to grow, to contribute, to flourish and to manifest our created selves in the world, to live a life we find worth living. 

She knows that abuse has profound and wildly irrational consequences, it tears the soul. She knows, that there is a path to healing and restoration, a journey in the mending of the soul.

She is an empathetic and empowering Personal & Spiritual Growth Coach, with a Christian Perspective, who partners with women to obtain freedom from the impact of abuse, whether that’s physical, sexual, spiritual, neglectful and/or verbal. 

It is by providing a safe place for trans formative restoration within a trauma-informed, theologically safe & empathetic coaching model, that her clients overcome the negative effects of abuse, to live a more peaceful & purposeful life. Living courageously in their identity and experiencing fulfilling & loving relationships.

Deanna has supported people in her community and church, as a Personal & Spiritual Growth Coach and a Facilitator of Healing Groups.  Clients and group participants have found “as if a weight has been lifted” from the negativity of having suffered from abuse and have journeyed into more peaceful, confident lives, experiencing a renewed sense of self,  feeling “comfortable in their own skin” and living the “me that was always meant to be”.

She is a retired Registered Nurse, with experience in many areas of nursing that included the field of Psychiatric Nursing. In her nursing career, she has worked with people who had found themselves in some of life’s greatest challenges and hurts.  These experiences have given her a good understanding of meeting people where they are at, helping them to feel safe and understood and facilitating their journey in their healing process.

Deanna is certified through Life Purpose Institute as a Life Coach, Spiritual Life Coach, and a Christian Life Coach. She has had training in the facilitation of the following group processes, “Mending the Soul”, “Genesis Process” and via Abuse Recovery Ministry Services, “Her Journey”. She holds an Associate in Science Degree in Registered Nursing from North Hennepin Community College.

Outside of the passion of coaching and supporting women in their recovery from the effects of an abusive past, Deanna loves the outdoors, painting & drawing, exploring Gods truths, building relationships and being with friends & family.


A Democratic-Based Coaching Approach

Support That Makes a Difference

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Abuse Recovery Coaching

Everyone has the right and the ability to be free from the impact of the abuse that they have suffered.

Whatever the details of your past abuse, you are reading this because you are wanting to move forward from surviving to thriving.  You want freedom from the lingering effects of abuse that are holding you back from the life and the relationships you deserve.
Do not minimize what you have been through by comparing your experience to others.  Your experience is your own.  It is real to you, the impact on your heart, mind, and soul is true for you. 
Dealing with the lingering effects of abuse isn’t something that anyone should have to go through alone.  I am here to walk that journey of freedom, from the lingering effects of abuse, with you. 
Not only am I skilled in coaching clients into their journey of freedom and thriving.   I also have personally been affected and have traveled this journey myself. 
I offer a safe, accepting and supportive environment so that you can come to terms with what you’ve been through and move forward with your life.


Grief Coaching

We all deserve to be heard in our grief

Grief is a natural response to intense sorrow, especially caused by someone’s death or a great loss. Feelings of grief are not experienced exclusively through the death of someone. Sometimes you may feel loss when a relationship ends or when a relationship wasn't as it should be.  You may feel loss when someone you care about is terminally ill, someone you care about moves away, loss of an animal, loss of a job, loss of your home and even loss of a personal dream.  Grief Coaching provides an effective way to learn to cope with the stress associated with the loss and to manage symptoms so that you can heal and cope with the loss

Sat on the Rocks

Self Confidence Coaching

Find your Freedom to Live in your Intended Design

Being self-confident means that you are secure in who you are and in your abilities. A core value of self-confidence is trusting yourself. There are some people who have a natural ability to be confident, but for most of us, self-confidence is something we choose to learn. A lack of self-confidence shows in the words we speak, the way we act, the way we feel about ourselves and the way we carry ourselves. Low self-confidence has an impact not only on ourselves and our ability to function but on all areas of our lives; our relationships, our careers, our health, our lifestyles and our expectations of how others and the world will treat will us.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could reshape your view of yourself and create a new story for your life?  One in which you are happy and thriving, content in who you are? 

Inhale Confidence, Exhale Doubt.  Be the Light You Already Are


"This I know, The Journey is worth The  Traveling"

Deanna Lang

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