What am I getting myself into by being “coached”?

Mend Your Soul Life Coaching generally uses 4 types of coaching styles, depending on your needs.

Democratic Coaching (my general coaching style)​

Democratic coaching invites you to participate in the coaching process by encouraging you to adopt a 'self-coaching' attitude.

My role, in the democratic approach, is to outline the overall objectives that we discover together, then “brainstorm” with you to discover how you might reach your objectives, your desired outcome, and obtain your “light bulb” moments. Although as a democratic coach, I might make the final decisions as to the course of the process, I will base these decisions on your own opinions and feelings.

The democratic coaching style encourages:

> introspection

> self-evaluation

> clear goal setting

> a richer understanding of one's own unique path in life.

> a sense of accountability

> a sense of self-control

> a sense of freedom

> good decision-making skills that can be applied to everyday life.

Coaches working in the area of personal development tend to use the democratic coaching style to help clients develop decision-making skills.

Vision Coaching (I incorporated this style throughout all types of my coaching)

Vision coaching is a coaching style with an emphasis on future-thinking. It rests on the basis that the power of thought can be harnessed to shape the future.

The more you focus your mind on a vision of an outcome you desire, the more likely it is that that outcome will occur. Vision coaching is used by sports coaches to help athletes visualize the process of winning - e.g. urging them to picture themselves crossing the finish line and receiving their gold medal or trophy on the podium. The idea is that the process of visualization helps to facilitate a mindset and prepares you for the growth and change that you want to undertake, erasing feelings of self-doubt that might otherwise hinder progress by carving a path towards the desired outcome.

My role in vision coaching is to facilitate and foster your independent thinking, your creativity, holding a space for your exploration of ideas, visions, and dreams to establish your vision.  Then, I as your accountability partner, continue to hold your vision for you.

The vision coaching style encourages:

> introspection

> self-evaluation

> clear goal setting

> a richer understanding of one's own unique giftings, purpose and goals in life.

> a sense of accountability

> a sense of self-control

> an inspired and sustainable motivation

This approach is best when a specific goal or outcome is determined.  Vision coaching can work well when seeking new personal & life outcomes, and when working towards self-confidence and public speaking. 

Mindfulness Coaching (Teacher, Facilitator and Trainer Hat)

Mindfulness coaching helps to develop a calmer, more enlightened approaches to life circumstances. 'Mindfulness' refers to a heightened state of awareness - both of the self and of the world surrounding the self.

Mindfulness coaching fosters an: 

> improved sense of well-being

> improved physical health

> improved reactions to stressful situations

> increase in concentration and attention span

> awareness of the present, providing “grounding”.

>improvement in mental health.

Mindfulness is now being used to treat stress and depression, this coaching approach can be especially useful for clients suffering from feelings of anxiousness and depression.

Autocratic Coaching (putting on the Teacher/Mentors hat)

Autocratic coaching is a style of coaching that takes a 'telling' approach, sharing needed information and needed actions, rather than an 'asking' approach.  The dynamic that is fostered is a teaching environment in order to learn a new idea, concept, or a particular exercise, method or process.

This coaching style may be used in situations where you need to learn a specific technique to further your development.

Instead of handing you the reins during our session, I will take the initiative in facilitating the session by explaining exactly what it is that needs to be done and encouraging you to follow my lead. This coaching style is most commonly adopted in skills development, mindset development, and when having to understand new concepts and ideas.

Autocratic coaching encourages:

> good discipline

> accountability

> high levels of organization

Autocratic coaching is useful for clients who require structure or need to learn a technique quickly.



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